Cooking Demo At NUCCIO’s Kitchen

Chef Toya Performing A Cooking Demo at NUCCIO's Kitchen

Cooking Demo At NUCCIO’s Kitchen

I recently was asked to do a cooking demo for NUCCIO’s Louisiana Kitchen, a store based in Covington, LA that sells Sicilian, Creole, and Cajun products.  The store as a really great family atmosphere and I love the different Southern seasonings, products, and cooking utensils that somebody might need.

Chef Toya Lights Bananas Foster

The demo was held in their back room, with about a group of 25.  I cooked my signature seafood gumbo and wowed the crowed with bananas foster at the end.  Most of the time I think people just wanted to light something on fire while they’re in the kitchen!  Most of the people were experience cooks, and while that could be a little scary, they all said they enjoyed learning someone else’s techniques.

What I enjoy most about these type of cooking demos is the back and forth of ideas, the crowd’s interaction, and the “impromptuness” of cooking in front of a group of people.

You can find out more info about NUCCIO’s on their Facebook page.  They had a lot of great homemade seasonings that you can’t find anywhere else.  Here’s hoping they have me back again to showcase my talents!

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