Cook Like A New Orleanian

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Cook Like A New Orleanian

In her first cookbook, Chef Toya creates 20 classic New Orleans recipes that embeds the soul of the city in each dish.  Her signature dishes like Seafood Gumbo and Oyster Rockefeller Pasta celebrate the rich heritage of the region and its connection to the Gulf Coast.  Other recipes like Drunken Cherry Bread Pudding and Cajun Meat Pies stuffed with crawfish show her creative side, as she puts a unique twist on traditional recipes.

As an authority on Cajun and Creole dishes, she brings a fresh and delightful view to New Orleans cooking, one of the greatest food cities in the world.  She exemplifies her native city of New Orleans, not just through her cuisine, but with her zest for life and personality in the kitchen.

Chef Toya’s cookbook is the first interactive New Orleans cookbook.  For people that purchase the book from the Apple Bookstore, the book will use video clips, enhanced images, pop-ups, and other media to give the reader a more in-depth view into the process.

Whether you’re from New Orleans or visited the city once and feel in love with its culture, this is the cookbook for you.  Chef Toya invites you into her home and makes each dish a simple process for you’re to recreate in your kitchen.

Cook Like A New Orleanian

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What You'll Get By Buying This Book

Chances are you’re considering getting my book because you either love food or love New Orleans. Well, guess what? Me too! I’m a New Orleans native that adores the richness of our food and I want to share that with everyone. I also want to make it easy for you to pick up my book and create each dish in the comfort of your own home.

  • Colorful photos with each recipe
  • Easy recipe layouts
  • Details about prep and cook time
  • Twenty homemade recipes
  • Direct line to Chef Toya
  • Step by steps photos of dishes
  • Video tips and techniques
  • Serving size and difficulty levels

I know how overwhelming the kitchen can be sometimes. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about substituting ingredients, dietary restrictions, or general questions about the recipes before you dive into it. I want to make sure you feel confidence sharing this food with your family, impressing your friends, and bring a little taste of New Orleans back home with you!

Sample Book Pages

Chef Toya Boudy, knocks it out of the park with "Cook Like a New Orleanian." Upon reading the forward, I was instantly transported to Bourbon Street! Chef Toya's culinary prowess, and spirit evokes the true soul of New Orleans' cuisine. From the traditional oyster po' boy to the intricacies of a more complex dish: seafood gumbo, Chef Toya simplifies it all, so even the novice cook can execute these recipes. With recipe difficulty levels ranging from 1 to 5, prep & cook times, and beautiful color pictures of the finished dish, Chef Toya gives the reader the tools they need for success. The cookbook serves as a road map for the "holy trinity" of New Orleans cooking. Celebrate Mardi Gras year round, with the recipes found in Chef Toya Boudy's "Cook Like a New Orleanian!"

David Rose, Food Network TV Personality

Born and raised in the Midwest I knew very little about New Orleans, and even less about the food that makes New Orleans so special. I have become more fascinated and excited by this cuisine but it always felt intimidating to attempt to cook like a New Orleanian. That was, until I saw Chef Toya's book! The recipes are approachable and straight-forward but the flavors and end-results are spectacular. The Crawfish, Corn & Crab Bisque is to die for, and I am no longer afraid of making Seafood Gumbo! Chef Toya has created a beautiful book that captures the essence of this region and city that I have come to love. This is something everyone should purchase, and it has become a staple on my bookshelf. Bravo!

Addie Gundry, Chef

Chef Toya Boudy takes you on thrilling ride through Louisiana cuisine with her interpretations of traditional dishes. She is a wife, mother, and a great friend that puts a little of herself in every dish. That oyster PoBoy with Remoulade Sauce and Drunken Cherry Bread Pudding are going to make many appearances on my dinner table.

Chef Kevin Belton, Author of Big Flavors of New Orleans

Love the interactive parts of the cookbook! The videos help me to understand exactly what the recipe should look like any given stage in the process. Can't wait to buy Toya's next cookbook!

Susan G. from Louisville KY

One of my favorite New Orleans dishes is gumbo and Chef Toya makes it easy to whip up a pot for friends and family before they come over to the house.

Keith M from Austin, TX

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