Chef Toya’s Launches Her Signature Seasoning Blend

Chef Toya’s Launches Her Signature Seasoning Blend

Everything that I do is centered around giving and aiding people with fining confidence in themselves. The seasoning line is an expansion of that urge to help, give and inspire.  I know what it’s like to wonder “How can I make this taste different? How can I lessen the load?”  That’s what my seasoning blends will do, take some of the grunt work of finding a perfect flavor without over salting.

One of my main concerns was being too salty or too spicy, next was the size of the bottle . I would often buy blends in 3-4 oz bottles and pretty much use it all on one rack of ribs or a whole chicken.  All of my blends are just about the low sodium rate which is 12%.  The size is roughly 10 ounces and the blends can be purchased separately for 8.99 or you can buy the bundle of 4 blends with the flavors Chicken, Seafood, Steak and All in one for 27.99! It’s an amazing deal!

The Chicken seasoning blend has a rotisserie flavoring, warm and comforting. The Steak blend has a bold taste and kick that can carry a thicker cut of meat, I use it on pork chops as well. The Seafood blend gives a New Orleanian seafood boil kick I love it! Now the All in one is just what it is, all in one! I’ve put it in soup, scrambled eggs and even sprinkled it on cream cheese on a morning bagel. It’s really top notch!

These seasoning blends are a part of my culinary footprint and I hope to inspire you to create good food, moments and most importantly to share love with someone!

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