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New Orleans personal chef, cooking instructor, culinary author, ambassador for the Gulf Coast Region, authority on Creole and Cajun cuisine,
gumbo queen

My culinary career started when a little girl would sit on the countertop and watch her mother cook dinner.  I started cooking earlier than most and at a young age I was making breakfast and branched out to more complicated meals as time went along.  It wasn’t until later on in life that I realized cooking is not just about the flavors, the ingredients, or even the food.  For me, it’s about the love that I put inside my dishes for my family and friends.

If you’re visiting this site, I hope you not only learn about me but I hope I pass my love of cooking to you.  I’m from New Orleans, so if you love Cajun or Creole dishes or Southern cooking then you’ve come to the right place.

I have a couple different ways that I’ll help make you a better cook.  My newsletter, NOLA Foodie, is dedicated to those who love Southern food.  On my New Orleans Food & Recipe blog, you’ll get new recipes every two weeks.  On my YouTube Channel, Cooking With Chef Toya, I’ll post videos that makes creating a dish really easy.  And twice a month, I’ll be doing a livesteam to bring you in to my kitchen, showing you the tricks of the trade.

I love to hear feedback from people who try my recipes, so free feel to reach out to me either through my website or on social media.  I’ll have you cooking like a New Orleanian in no time!

I can't think Chef Toya enough for making my birthday a special day! Her cajun garlic buttered lobster tail and chocolate cake for dessert were the best

Yalounda R.

Chef Toya is not only a great chef, but wants to show you how to prepare a meal easily. After attending her demo, she inspired me to make favorite New Orleans dishes: gumbo and jambalaya.

Jeff L.

The highlight of our trip to New Orleans was learning about the city's cuisine from Chef Toya. She was entertaining, informative and welcoming. She explained the history behind the dish which makes you appreciate every meal you come to eat in New Orleans.

Brenda S.
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