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Italian Sausage and Creamy Pasta

Italian Sausage & Creamy Pasta

Thanks for tuning in to my first livesteam!  This is the recipe for the Italian Sausage & Creamy Pasta dish that was made during the livesteam.  You can catch the next show by taking a look at my schedule of cooking classes. Ingredients 1 Package of...

Cajun Jambalaya Pasta

Cajun Jambalaya Pasta

I was honored to be named Hallmark Home & Family Best Home Cook!  It was a great couple of days, sharing experiences with the other cooks and reminiscing about the connection these dishes have to my family.  Over the course of the contest, I made...

Mouth Watering Crawfish Pasta

This crawfish pasta can save your life after a long day! It's super quick and a definite crowd pleaser! If you don't have the time to pick up crawfish, use rotisserie chicken or shrimp. Ingredients for Crawfish Pasta 1\2 stick of salted or unsalted butter 1\4...